How and Where to Contribute to the ECE Notes Project?

How and Where to Contribute to the ECE Notes Project?

The project is live and open for anyone to contribute to. Ever since the project went live, I’ve made various pieces of information on how anyone can contribute to the project efficiently, but I’ve missed out on where to contribute to!

A contribution request or an issue is as simple as noticing that there are some pieces of the project that are missing or are not in sync with each other.

All that’s needed to be done, is to open an issue in the GitHub project about what’s missing, with the appropriate title and description and someone will have a look at it. This is given that you don’t have the notes currently with you and are in need of it.

For a more detailed approach check out this video.

If you have some notes, but don’t know how to contribute using GitHub, you can check out this playlist where I guide you on how to create a fork, upload your notes and open a pull request.

If you’re not up to using GitHub, then you can fill out the form below, with the drive links to your notes, and I’ll help you add them to the project from my end.

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