The best collection of ECE Notes you'll ever find!

The best collection of ECE Notes you'll ever find!

Are you a student pursuing your Undergraduate Bachelors in Electronics and Communications Engineering? Have you been facing difficulty with accessing notes and study material to prepare for your exam? I've faced the same problem as well. And to solve it, I made the ECE Notes Project and it's something you don't want to miss out!

What is this Project about?

The SRMIST B.Tech ECE Notes Project is an Open Source collection of all ECE Notes for the Academic Year 2020-24. It includes notes, textbooks, lab notes, and study guides for all subjects taken for the ECE Curriculum.

You can access the GitHub Repository to the notes here:

There's also a website, for easy access to all the links for each subject:

Why do I call it the best?

The best part of this project is that it's Open Source, It's open, easily accessible and absolutely free for anyone in need of the resources present here.

A few other reasons why I call it the best are...

  • Direct Download links for each semester and each subject.
  • Guide on how to study for each subject and how difficult it is. (Subjective)
  • Has a website with links for easy and direct access to the notes.
  • Being open source, it is peer-reviewed and trustworthy!
  • And much more...

My personal motivation for this Project.

When I joined college, I didn't have any access to notes until the professor was ready to share them or I had to ask a senior to share as well. In most cases, it took time and I received them only at the last minute. This was not limited to notes alone but also to Question papers and other relevant study material.

I started this project with one philosophy in mind,

Be the senior you need the most as a junior.

I wanted to help out others who could have access to the notes early and help achieve their academic goals quicker. So I took what I learned from Web Development so far, and built out this project as a way of expressing my philosophy.

Parts of this Project.

The project is split into two parts, major notes, the core of the project and the minor website, the support of this project.


As mentioned above, this is the core of the project that contains all notes and study material. You can access it through the GitHub Repository mentioned below.

The notes are in the main branch of the project.


The website is a support to the whole project, it contains links for each semester, and courses in each semester, they include the repo, download and drive links.

The website is present in the client branch of the project and is deployed via gh-pages.

How can you Contribute?

If you have some material that will add value to the project or have some suggestions that can improve the quality of the website. You're welcome to do that!

Check out the contributing guidelines on how to contribute to the following parts of the project mentioned.

Contribute to the Notes:

Contribute to the Website:

Share this with your friends who are pursuing ECE if you find this helpful!